Shayla, Spencer and Gwendolyn

My favorite thing about this shoot was when I asked if things were crazy now that they had a 3rd baby and both parents laughed kindly and said that Gwendolyn is like their vacation baby (or something to that effect), saying that they feel like they can finally sort of relax now with her here.  And they definitely seemed madly in love with their gorgeous new little girl but still managed to be so attentive and patient with their 2 other children.  Oh they made it look so, so easy! 

Emma's family of four

I know exactly what it's like because this is my world right now too. And so when I was like 'is it OK if I show up at 930am instead of 10am', I know exactly how much they probably hated me. But of course they didn't let on that they did and if anyone can pull off minimal sleep with a newborn and still look gorgeous and glowy, it's Emma. Their new wee boy is just delicious and the cute big sis/baby bro combo is just my favorite thing ever right now.  These crazy days feel like a lifetime but they really go by so fast! Here's a snapshot of now for this beautiful family of 4.